Grace member, Michelle Hord, was no stranger to tragedy, having started her professional career as a producer on America’s Most Wanted. But when it happened in her own family, Michelle's entire life crashed down around her. One moment, Michelle had a husband, a career that was taking off, and a beautiful baby girl. When her marriage started to deteriorate and she had to fight for a divorce, she found strength in her seven-year-old daughter, Gabrielle. Just as the divorce was nearly finalized, the most important thing in her life was taken away. Her soon to be ex-husband, the man she once loved, murdered their daughter.

In The Other Side of Yet, Michelle Hord expresses how she survived a mother’s worst nightmare. In her darkest hours, she turned to the bible, with a particular verse she kept coming back to: “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him” (Job 13:15 King James Version). In the space between before and after, between ruin and recovery, there is “yet.” Michelle found strength in her yet - it meant that there would be an after, that there was more to come.

This searing memoir is not only a profoundly moving story of grief and resilience; it’s a guidebook for anyone facing their own “yet.” With compassion and insight, Hord explores the power of faith, hope, and love in the process of healing from loss. She melds heart-wrenching personal narrative with tangible advice and wisdom that will inspire comfort, grace, and growth in the face of adversity. This is a beautiful and emotional story about how to keep moving—with bravery and sensitivity and defiant faith—through life’s most challenging moments.

About Michelle D. Hord

Michelle D. Hord is a creative storyteller and media executive. As the president of Hope Warrior, Inc., and former vice president of creative content and talent management at NBC Universal, Michelle has produced content for television shows, developed strategic solutions for business and talent management needs, and spent more than two decades on a quest to inspire creativity in all of its various forms. In 2018, she founded Gabrielle's Wings, a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving children of color in vulnerable communities the kind of experiences, access, programs, and exposure that Gabrielle had during her short life, after the tragic loss of her daughter. Michelle graduated from Howard University. More about Michelle and Gabrielle's Wings can be found at